Financial Services Marketing

Marketing and Advertising

Does your financial institution have an annual marketing plan? What are you doing to attract new customers?  akb marketing llc can help your financial institution with all of its advertising needs including developing an annual marketing plan, website evaluation and development, advertisements (print and online), social media, and collateral materials. We can also evaluate your switch kits, statement stuffers, and create marketing campaigns to help you reach your goals.

akb marketing llc will work with your financial institution to put together a marketing plan that will include product development, business development, customer service and satisfaction, public relations, and a marketing calendar. We will take a look at your financial institution’s goals and objectives to determine the best new products to introduce, how and when to introduce them, training around the products, and measureable feedback to determine what’s working and what’s not.


What is your brand? It’s your financial institution’s identity-who you are and what you stand for. Your brand is what people associate with you including your name, logo, tagline, printed materials, and your website. What do you want the marketplace to know about your financial institution? Through an ongoing evaluation, akb marketing can help your financial institution determine the best way to position itself and help you create a brand that matches your vision, mission, and values.

Communication is key!

Not only is it important to have a plan to communicate to customers, but it’s also vital that all internal staff are educated on the products and services that the financial institution has to offer. akb marketing llc has experience in offering sales and service training to financial institution employees and can work with you to ensure that everyone is staffed with the right equipment to introduce products and cross-sell.